Support a Friend, Support a Cause

An Opportunity to Pay It Forward

We reached out to hundreds of business and HR professionals to help you get into the mind of an employer. Trisha, Social Engagement Manager and Account Director of Technology for Social Impact at Microsoft®, shared why problem-solving is one of her top recommended skills to prepare for the ever-changing job landscape.

Problem-solving is just one of the essential skills, also known as soft or transferable skills, that we infuse into every course and program. At Rasmussen College, our career-focused programs are designed specifically for what employers are looking for in a candidate.

Problem-solving is the #1 skill I recommend for individuals looking for a role at Microsoft. Our mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet [in order] to achieve more. We can only do that by truly understanding our customers and those who we serve. We offer a wide array of tools, but we need to use those tools to solve problems to make an impact.

Trisha M.

Social Engagement Manager and Account Director of Technology for Social Impact at Microsoft

Now, you have an opportunity to pay it forward. Do you know someone looking to pursue a degree? Or someone with goals to advance within their career? By nominating a friend or family member to enroll at Rasmussen College, not only will they be eligible for up to $1,000 off their tuition, but we will also forward this professional career advice to them!*

Plus, for every nomination, we will donate $5 on your behalf to either Jeremiah Program or Dress for Success Twin Cities, two nonprofit foundations dedicated to helping families pursue their dreams of an education and a career.*

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